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We provides a full spectrum of fluorophores for labeling biopolymers and fuorescence labeling service. Labeling biomolecule with fluorescent dyes for the investigation of biological relevant interactions for Small Animal In Vivo Imaging, immunochemistry, histochemistry, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), cell tracing, receptor binding and other biological applications like receptor-ligand-binding protein structures, and enzyme activity. 

Fluorescence Labeling Guide:

Bioconjugation is a chemical process that links two or more biomolecules together to create new molecules.  

1. Because each molecule is different, we usually need to discuss custom synthesis with customers before providing a quote. To learn more about ordering and the specifications for starting materials, please contact us by toll free call 400-686-3443; QQ:4006863443 or 

2. Normally,Fluorescence Labeling will be finished in ONE week, we will provide the labeling report such as F/P, Uv-Vis etc.