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Transfection Reagents

Time:2016-05-12 11:530

Beijing Fluorescence Biotechnology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2014. The company develops, manufactures and markets bioanalytical research reagents and kits to scientists engaged in life sciences research diagnostic R&D and drug discovery. We are specialized in fluorescence technologies and fluorescence-based diagnostic products. The Company's products enable scientists and biomedical researchers to better understand biochemistry, immunology, cell biology and molecular biology. Beijing Fluorescence Biotechnology Co. Ltd. constantly introduces new products, and offers a rapidly expanding list of products that are grouped into several product lines.

1). Our reactive fluorescent and luminescent probes, biotins and tag enzymes are used for labeling small drug molecules and biopolymers, e.g. proteins, nucleic acids and carbohydrates;

2). We develop fluorescent and luminescent probes for detecting proteins, nucleic acids and live cells;

3). We constantly introduce novel fluorescent and luminescent probes for detecting various enzymes, in particular, hydrolytic and redox enzymes;

4). We are focused on developing reagents for signal transduction research;

5). We also offer physiological and neurological probes, e.g., calcium indicators and membrane potential probes.

6) Transfection reagents 

Beside the standard catalog products we offer custom service to meet our customer’s special research needs. Our current services include custom synthesis of fluorescent probes, fluorescent peptides, fluorescent nucleotides, drug discovery reagents and diagnostic reagents. We also custom-manufacture proteins and enzymes. Custom purifications of small molecules and biopolymers are also available from Beijing Fluorescence Biotechnology Co. Ltd.